This weekend is “Catiri’s Fresh Paint” event.  This is a time when all the wonder and beauty of the Amana Colonies is captured through the eye and paintbrush of the artists.  30 + artists come to the Amana Colonies to participate in this outdoor painting event.  As locals, we get to see the artists working along side the road, in fields, on bridges, in parking lots, …really just about any place they can put their equipment and be safe as they paint.

We have enjoyed this event every year since we have owned Zuber’s.  We have been fortunate that several artists have painted scenes around the hotel.  The artists even have a nocturnal painting time on Friday and Saturday night!  On Sunday afternoon the artists have a “quick paint” event, and then there is the viewing.  The paintings are on display for people to see beginning around 6:00, I believe.

Jenise and her husband do a wonderful job organizing and  hosting this event!

Below are some paintings we’ve purchased over the years.  They all hang in Zuber’s .  Each is beautiful!


Catiri’s Fresh Paint

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  • Can you tell me anything about John Woodhouse’s 3D Farm relief work? Does he have a studio or a place where he sells his art?

    Thank you.

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