Winter is a “slow” time in the Colonies.  Businesses use this time to do repairs, updates, remodels, relax, and vacation!

Recently we took a week and went to a wonderful B & B just south of Branson, Missouri.  We used to take summer vacations to the Lake of the Ozarks, but had never been to Branson, so as I looked for an interesting place to spend our time away from Zuber’s, I came across The White River Lodge, near Blue Eye, Missouri.  This is a beautiful lodge in a wooded setting above Table Rock Lake.  Owners are Becky and Bill.  Becky keeps busy running this 5 room lodge while Bill is busy with his fishing guide business.  We enjoyed visiting with both of them, and took away a few ideas for things to try/do at Zuber’s! While we had a very relaxing stay here,  the thing about staying at a B & B is we are always thinking about how we could improve our B & B! 🙂  Below are some pictures of this cozy lodge!  Bill and Becky designed and decorated their lodge, it is well worth a trip to the Branson area just to stay here and enjoy their home and company!  We certainly will go back, some winter!


Relaxing Get Away

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