This weekend is a wonderful event called, Catiri’s Fresh Paint.  Hosted by Catiri’s Art Oasis, this is the 10th year for the weekend of artists painting all around the Amana Colonies.  We have attended the last 3 years and there are ALWAYS wonderful paintings and the decision on which to purchase is a difficult one!  The artists, which I think last year there were 35, spread out throughout the colonies and painted eye catching pictures.  Last year there was a field of newly rolled bails of hay, this scene was painted by at least 3 different artists.  All pictures were beautiful, you could recognize the hay field, yet all three pictures were different.  We were fortunate to have several pictures painted which focused on things around Zuber’s.  Below are pictures of an antique cultivator in our back yard and the wash shed that is behind Zuber’s.  Check out Catiri’s website for more information

Catiri’s Fresh Paint Event

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