We can learn much from our past which in turn helps to shape our future.

If you have read our web page you’ll know that Brian and I have been the innkeepers of Zuber’s Homestead Hotel for two years.  A privilege and a joy for us each day is visiting with our guests.  Often they share memories/stories of coming to Zuber’s in earlier years and we learn about the history of this wonderful place.  Other days we get to meet people and learn about their home or their travels.

As the new school year draws near, the teacher in me is anxious to start a new year with new projects.  old treeThis year, I have decided to add a blog to our web site.  The goal of our blog will be sharing stories of the history of Zuber’s Homestead Hotel as we have learned from others, stories of things happening around the hotel on a day to day basis, and we will share stories about events and happenings in the Amana Colonies.

Hidden beauty…..

We start our morning in the Wagon Wheel Room visiting with guests, and looking out the bay window at the garden and trees behind the hotel.  When the pine tree began to droop, the branches were falling off, and clearly the tree was dying….we started to wonder – “how can we ‘save’ that tree?”  We have often seen trees given new life by being carved into wonderful representations of other things.  So as our minds began to travel along these lines. We wondered what we could have this tree carved into as a celebration of the hotel and its’ history.  It didn’t take long to think of a bat and ball – Bill Zuber’s ‘other’ fame.  People regularly come to the hotel hoping to have a Zuber’s meal and we have to tell them that we’re no longer a restaurant, but we show them the around the hotel and of course Bill’s uniform that hangs in the case near the front desk area.tree-new

With that decision made, we set off to fine a chain saw artist to transform our tree.  Last summer we went to the Iowa State Fair and talked with Gary Keenan, the chain saw artist who was demonstrating his craft.  We shared our project idea with him, and he was willing to do the job.  He is a very busy artist, but said he could work us in this summer.  After almost a year, this week he came!  Now when guests sit in our Wagon Wheel Room and look out the window, or as they pull in the parking lot, or when they walk to the garden, everyone can enjoy the beauty of the tree transformed into the bat and ball representative of “Americas’ Past Time” and of Bill Zuber.

We had a vision, Gary brought out the hidden beauty.


A new beginning

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